Types of Security Guards

When hiring a security guard, there are multiple types of guards from which to choose. From armed bodyguards to industrial guards, each type serves specific purposes.

Residential security guards are responsible for safeguarding residential communities, apartment complexes and neighborhoods from threats of all types. They undertake night watch programs, monitor surveillance cameras and respond to security incidents swiftly.
Residential Guards

Residential security guards proactively patrol private neighborhoods to protect homes from vandalism, burglary, loitering and other threats. In an emergency situation they act as first responders – gathering vital information for police or medics when responding to it.

Residential security guards distinguish themselves from other guard positions with their intimate relationships with residents, and this necessitates masterful observation and communication skills to achieve success in this role. Guards must recognize all residents by name while building trusting relationships.

If an incident arises, patrollers must have the ability to deescalate it using body language and vocal tones that convey calmness and recalling key details about each resident they meet during patrolling operations. They should possess exceptional memory to recall important details from every encounter they make on patrols.
Business Guards

Businesses often rely on security guards to deter crime and unwanted behavior such as theft and vandalism, and guards can keep an eye on suspicious activity or leakage issues that technology might miss.

Guards provide basic customer service by directing people to products or departments in retail stores, or accompanying guests back to their cars after dark or during off-hours.

Business owners can save money and resources by contracting with an outside firm for security staffing needs instead of hiring employees directly themselves. Firms provide services for background checks, training requirements and other aspects that would otherwise fall on business owners; freeing them up for other tasks while assuring themselves their onsite security team has all of the skills to respond effectively in various situations, from physical altercations to fire.
Retail Guards

Retail security guards patrol shops, monitor CCTV and alarms, protect valuable products such as jewelry or electronics from being stolen and act as loss prevention in stores. In addition, they assist shoppers and communicate in an approachable way while detaining suspects until law enforcement arrives if necessary. Often unarmed but with detention powers to detain suspects until help arrives

Uniformed guards are an effective crime deterrent due to being easily identifiable; even the boldest criminal may pause when seeing security officers patrolling premises. With local lockdown restrictions reopening and store crowds continuing to grow as the pandemic spreads, guards have now been given additional responsibilities such as monitoring one-way systems and making sure people comply with new hand sanitization, temperature checks and face covering rules.
Corporate Guards

Security guards can be equipped and trained to detect and deter business crimes such as theft, vandalism and unauthorized access. Additionally, they can manage guest logs and verify credentials of visitors entering the premises to ensure only authorized people enter.

If a crime does take place, they can quickly gather details and contact law enforcement as opposed to calling on one of their own employees who might not know how best to react or deal with the situation.

Staff in every department in the building know their way around and can direct customers with directions to different departments or simply needing directions, which helps prevent customer frustration and enhances the customer experience. Furthermore, staff often wear uniforms with logos to improve brand image of companies.
Mobile Guards

Security guards on vehicle patrol are responsible for keeping facilities secure. They may work at shopping malls, airports, university campuses or corporate facilities and must enforce road and parking rules, deter any forms of misconduct as well as monitor and investigate suspicious activity on site.aluminium barcode labels price jeddah melbourne security

Security patrollers serve as sentinels of sorts in the security world. Their duties involve patrolling an area day and night for anything unusual that appears out of place; property inspections; monitoring CCTV; and acting as liaison between their security company and local law enforcement agencies.

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