Do Brita Filters Expire? The Answer May Surprise You

Do Brita Filters Expire? The Answer May Surprise You

Do you want to explore whether Brita filters expire or not? If yes, go through this guide and gather more ideas about Brita filters. 

In general, Brita is the trusted and most popular brand for water filtration. It is specially designed to last long for more time and gives an extraordinary performance. Even Brita water filter cartridges cheapest can give an amazing performance without any compromise on the quality. 

The Brita filters will never expire. It can last as long indefinitely when you keep it in its original packaging. When you open the filter package and start using it, you must use it correctly. Or else the moisture may enter your filter, letting the unnecessary bacteria grow. Finally, your filter may become unfit to use. 

By storing properly, you can increase its lifetime and use it for months or even more years. Therefore you don’t need to consider replacing the old one with the new one when the old one is working fine. 

Proceed further and find how long these Brita filters last and how to store them perfectly.

What is the shelf life of an unused Brita filter?

A Brita pitcher filter can last long for more time and does not have an expiration date. The brand suggests that you can store the filter in the original packaging itself until when you get ready to use it. 

When you open the package, the moisture may easily enter the filter and let bacteria grow in it. The filter can last indefinitely until you keep it in its original packaging and keep the filter dry. 

Is there any expiration date for Brita filter?

Until now, no expiration date has been mentioned in any pitcher filter model. It is mainly because; it can last forever without any issues when maintained properly. 

You only have to keep the filter in its original packaging and protect those wrappers to avoid getting damaged. By doing so, you can use the Brita filter as long as possible without any negative impacts.

The experts of this brand say that the shelf life of the unused Brita filter can be indefinite as long as you seal and intact its pouch. But they recommend pre-soaking older filters in water for around 15 minutes before using. 

How long does the Brita filter last?

The materials used to make this Brita water filter cartridge cheapest model, are very high quality and hence can last indefinitely. The major motive is to protect the filter media completely from becoming contaminated with airborne and moisture contaminants.

The moisture is the major issue since it lets bacteria grow unnecessarily on the filter media. When you never open the plastic enclosure, moisture will never enter it. 

Some more risks you may get while opening the package are the contaminants in the air, like solvents or VOCs entering your filter, and can eradicate the capacity of activated carbon to filter the water. 

What are the storage needs of Brita filters?

Storing the filter in the original packaging can protect it from airborne contaminants and moisture. 

When you never have original packaging, you can store Brita filters in an airtight container or zip-lock bag. But the shelf life can be reduced while exposing the filter to moisture & other contaminants.

After opening, you must use it for a few days. You also must keep the filter away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. 

  • Package integrity

Keep the filters in an airtight container or original packaging to protect them from contaminants and moisture. Keep the package from being opened or damaged before usage. Use it as quickly as possible when you open it.

  • Temperature

Keep the filters dry and cool to increase the shelf life to the next level. Never store them in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. The recommended room temperature is around below 75°F. The maximum temperature is 85°F.

  • Humidity

A filter can easily absorb moisture, and hence the shelf life will be reduced. Hence to avoid humidity, store it in better packaging. Follow the simple storage instructions properly to know everything. 


You have the right answer for whether Brita filters expire from those mentioned above. You can indefinitely increase the filters’ lifetime by storing and packing them securely. Humidity and temperature levels are the major factors in finding how long the filter can last. 

When you find the right ways to make the filter last longer for more days, you must follow the storage guidelines. You must keep the relative humidity below 75% and the filter at room temperature, around 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

You must remember that when the seal on the filter’s packaging is missing or broken, the filter can worsen faster. Following the tips perfectly, the Brita filters can last indefinitely for more years. 

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