How to become an IAS officer step by step

How to become an IAS officer step by step

Becoming an IAS officer can be overwhelming, especially if you are considering taking the exam for the first time. 

The IAS is the most famous civil service exam in the world and is very tough to crack. The meaning and IAS ka full form in hindi is Bharatiya Prashasanik Sewa. 

Many things will come into play when preparing for this exam, but once you have gone through the preparatory process, it’s time to take the final steps toward becoming an IAS officer.

This article will explain precisely what is needed to be qualified for a job as an IAS officer, how to become an IAS officer in India, and the process to get there.

Firstly, get a bachelor’s degree in any subject of your choice from a well-known university. If the course is related to streams like law, social sciences, or public affairs, it will help you get through the exam smoothly.

You will also need to go through other selection processes, like national-level civil service exams and personality tests, before getting selected for the IAS officer position. Once selected, applicants go on to higher studies and training.

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How to become an IAS officer step by step

The goal of becoming an IAS officer can be achieved by following these easy steps:

1. Decide whether to do IAS or not: Before deciding what to do in your career, you should choose among the various services the Union Public Service Commission offers. Though IAS is a time-consuming course, it provides a path to work with the most influential people in India.

2. Gather study material and exam-related information: Once you have decided to join the IAS service, you must prepare for the exam. You will find IAS study material and previous year’s question papers on the internet. 

You can gather information about the examination, the application procedure, and the syllabus for the exam from various websites related to IAS officer recruitment. Also, get Admitted to a good coaching institute, study hard, and attempt the previous year’s question paper

3. Prepare for the National Level Civil Services Exam: The National Level Civil Services Exam includes three stages that must be undergone in order to get selected as an IAS officer. The first two stages are very tough and involve a written test and a personal interview. 

If you are not selected for IAS, you can always opt for other central services like Indian Railways, CPWD (Central Public Works Department), IPS, etc.

4. Apply to UPSC and clear the prelims and mains exams: After applying for it, first clear the preliminary exam, which is a qualifying test, followed by the main examination, where questions are asked based on various subjects like political science, history, etc. 

The two exams are held in two different stages. After clearing the prelims and mains exams, you will be called for a personal interview, which is the deciding factor in selecting a candidate.

5. Clear the personality test and go for training: After getting selected, you will also have to clear the personality test and go for training. Training is a very crucial stage that is considered a rigorous course. 

The training includes subjects like the study of the Indian constitution, the history of India, and current issues. 

After finishing all previous stages, you will have to clear a personal interview before getting selected for the IAS service. 

Once you have passed the interview and are selected to join the IAS service, you become an official government official.

6. Serve the Nation: As an IAS officer, you will serve the nation by providing them with better administration services. You can also work at the state level in case you are posted in any state in India.


There are various civil service exams that the Union Public Service Commission holds. But the most popular is the IAS exam. 

To be an IAS officer, you must work hard and prepare for it wholeheartedly. One must follow the steps mentioned above to get selected as an officer. 

The IAS is a very prestigious service, and one must work hard to achieve their goal of becoming an officer in this service.

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