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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Madrid

Madrid is located in Spain,a place full of energy and cultural attractions.In evening you should experience Madrid’s new life.It is a main hub of Spain to have cafe culture and busty nightlife.The best season to come to Madrid is during spring or autumn to see mild weather.

Here you can explore many historical monuments,museums,gardens as well as public plazas.

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Top-Rated Tourist attractions in Madrid are:-

1. Museo National Del Prado

With 8,000 paintings and 700 sculptures,the Museo National Del Prado is a truly world-class museum in Madrid.There are three floors in the museum where you can see 2,300 pieces of the collection in more than 100 rooms. You can also take a 90 minute guided tour to see the main masterpieces in the museum.After tour you can go to Royal Botanical Garden located next to museum.Here you can see lovely green space ,shady pathways, benches,sculptures,greenhouses,a Kitchen Garden planted with vegetables, and a Rose.The 28 Callie Santa Maria is a popular restaurant which serves lunch and dinner with a casual ambiance.

National Del Prado,,tourist attractions in Madrid

2.Crystal Palace and Retiro park

Buen Retiro Park is also known as the place of peace in the heart of Madrid.Till 19 century the park was owned by the Spain Royal Family further it has been transferred to public parks.Here you can see elegant ambiance with its variety of gardens and tree-lined paths.This park acquire more than 125 hectares and is shaded by over 15,000 trees.

Crystal palace was Built in 1887 with a splendid cast-iron and glass pavilion that presents exhibitions of contemporary art.Here you see graceful fountain as well as reflecting pool.tranquil lake is a place where you see local and tourists enjoy boating,eating at cafe restaurant which fulfills their taste buds.

crystal palace,,tourist attractions in Madrid

3. Royal Palace and Gardens

Royal palace is the official residence of the king of Spain made entirely from granite and white Colmenar stone. 

In the Royal palace the King room is the most beautiful room adorned with refined decor of the Enlightenment era.Here you also explore on  display the Armour and weapons that have been used by Spain’s kings over the centuries.On the other hand you can travel in garden ,see nature peace and clicks beautiful picture with your family.The timing for visiting there are:-April to September: 10 am to 8 pm October to March: 10 am to 6 pm.

royal palace and garden,,tourist attractions in Madrid

4. Wander through the Plaza Mayor

The Plaza mayor was built in the 17 century by Phillip III used as a center of commerce and municipal life.This is a famous place for bullfight,dramatic performances as well as knightly tournaments.

Today you can explore a pedestrian area surrounded by cafes as well as restaurants.In evening this is the perfect place for gathering,hangouts with friends and family.

Plaza mayor,tourist attractions in Madrid

5.The Heart of the City

The Puerto Del Sol is also known as the heart of the city with a sun emblem on the old city gate.It is a main hub for public transport from which all distances on Spanish national roads network are you can spend time with your loved ones and enjoys foods from different restaurants and cafe as well as doing shopping antiques boutique.

Puerto Del sol,,tourist attractions in Madrid

 6.Music National Center

The center was created by the architect Antonio Fernandez Alba and was opened by Queen Sofia in 1986.The elevator on the three glass tower outside the building is the main features of the center. The inner courtyard is filled by imaginative sculptures which give surprise to first time visitors. 

Here you can explore Spanish modern and contemporary art which include famous masterpieces of Pablo Picasso,Salvador Dali and Alexander Calder.In evening you enjoy lively ambiance with DJ music sets every night and do shopping or eat delicious foods.

music national center,,tourist attractions in Madrid

7. Temple of Debod: An Ancient Egyptian Temple

The temple was built for King Adikhalamani in the 2nd century BC and was dedicated to the Egyptian God and Goddess and listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site.The Temple of Debod was brought to Madrid in 1968.Here you can explore peaceful gardens,reflective pools as well as fountain which create a magical effect.The entry fees is free for everyone.

Deobod temple,,tourist attractions in Madrid

8.Fine Arts Museum

The Museum is located near the Prado which gives an overview of European art from the 17th century to the late 20th century.Here you explore nearly 1,000 paintings on display,collection covers medieval religious art,renaissance-era portraits,modern art as well as pop art.The  excellent collection of 19th-century american paintings are also available there.

fine art museum,,tourist attractions in Madrid

9.Real Madrid’s Stadium

Madrid stadium is one of the most visited stadiums in the world related to soccer.If you are a soccer fan then this is a best place to explore displays trophies,team art facts and temporary exhibits.From standing on top of the stadium you feel extraordinary.

Madrid stadium,,tourist attractions in Madrid

10. National Archaeological Museum

In 1867 the museum was founded by Queen Isabella II.Here you see a rich collection of art facts from prehistoric times to the 19th century.Throughout the year exhibitions are held where visitors can see archaeological finds, ethnography,decorative arts as well as  ancient coins.

Museum,,tourist attractions in Madrid

11.The Madrid Zoo Aquarium

This is the most popular place in Madrid,that makes every traveler feel like staying there forever.Here you see more than 3000 species of animals,Pandas,Atlas lions,majestic white Siberian tigers,cute little koalas,mambas, flamingos,zebras,rhinoceroses,dolphins,sharks as well as giraffe.

Zoo,,tourist attractions in Madrid

12.Market Of San Miguel

The market of San Miguel is situated near the plaza mayor.If you want to relish the real taste of Spain like a local then this market is made for you.

More than 30 vendors give the best tapas,baked items,wine,champagne as well as beer.

San Miguel,,tourist attractions in Madrid


13.Parque Warner Madrid

This is the most visited place in Madrid as inaugurated by Warner’s Bros.The park is filled by many DC comic superheroes including Hollywood Boulevard,water rides,roller coasters as well as  many animated characters.This theme park has over 42 attractions which include 6 roller coasters and many live entertainment shows. Here you spend memorable days with your friends and family.

Conclusion:-Madrid is the best place to visit with your family.This is a beautiful nature place as well as many historic monuments and museums you can see.In night it’s a more surprise experience to the new visitors.If you are a food lovers then local streets food is perfect place for your taste buds.For children’s as well as adults Parque Warner is best place for travelling all the time.Always book your tickets and hotels in advance for better discounts.I assured you that this is the best vacation ever spend with the family.

Parque Warner,,tourist attractions in Madrid

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